Steve Says

A web comic based on the sayings of Steve

About the comic

After years of enduring Steve's peculiar comments and questions, when it got to the point where my forehead was numb from endless facepalming, I eventually decided to begin noting Steve's statements in 2015. Sadly many of Steves best quotes are lost to time and there are many which can't be made into a comic for one reason or another.


Male, Lynx/Cat hybrid

Iakob does not gladly suffer fools, which raises questions on how his friendship with Steve has lasted. Irritable, sarcastic and prone to reactionary outbursts, somewhat of a polar contrast to Steve.


Male, Wolf/Dog hybrid

It goes without saying that Steve is not the brightest bulb. He tends to make comments unbecoming of his age and education level.

All comments in these comics were made by Steve in his late 20s or early 30s